Ready to travel again? We are making bus and train bookings in Europe fun and easy!


Plan and Travel like a Pro

It's about to get super easy to book long-distance trips for yourself, friends or family.

All-in-one Ticket

Voyley has a digital wallet that helps you store and organise your train and bus tickets all in one place. Neat!

Multi-city Travel

Rome? Milan? Venice? Why not all? Plan journeys that span across 7 different cities with Voyley. It's finally possible!

Mix N Match

Mix buses and trains in different parts of your trip and if lucky, we'll get you a cheaper fare too!

Why Train & Bus?

Hassle-free and Convenient

Bid farewell to time spent traveling to the airport, clearing customs and then traveling to the city from the airport.

Authentic European Experience

From big metropolitan cities to quaint, picturesque villages to majestic forests and fjords, the list goes on... Trains and buses bring you directly into the heart of Europe.

Planet Friendly

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all tried to be just a little more environmentally friendly? The climate would sure need it. Embrace the train. Embrace the bus.

Hear from some travelers who are excited about their next experience with us

Be part of our community and continue to support us in our aspiration in encouraging the world to travel sustainably.
Anja S
University Student in Stockholm
As someone who loves to travel by train, I am really excited for Voyley's new planner! I will save so much time comparing and booking trips across different providers and cities. With the simplicity that Voyley brings to its users, I am sure many people will discover how wonderful train travel really is.
Winston Bay
Avid Traveller
I have always wanted to travel by trains across Europe but never did because of the extra effort needed to piece different trips together. I'm really excited about Voyley's new product that makes the planning and booking process much easier
Harith Hakim
University Student in Munich
I got a glimpse of the Voyley product and am really excited about using it for my grad trip in the EU. With Voyley, I can now customise and plan trips effortlessly across multiple cities with a budget.

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